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  “Digital Belt and Road Software Ecological Project of ChinaSoft International”
signed in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing

Digital Belt and Road Software Ecological Project of ChinaSoft International.png

On December 23, 2019, the Chongqing Municipal Government and Beijing Chinasoft International Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to fully expand Chinasoft International's business in Chongqing. Among them, the Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee also signed a cooperation agreement with ChinaSoft International on the “Digital Belt and Road Software Ecological Project of ChinaSoft International” to further promote Chongqing and Liangjiang New Area building a first-class software industry development ecology.

According to the agreement, the project will establish and operate the international version of "JointForce" in Liangjiang New Area. Based on the traditional software service outsourcing business, it will set up national liaison office along the "Belt and Road" and use the "JointForce" to establish an online incubator and accelerator platform, which will help Chinese software enterprises to carry out business in foreign countries and foreign software enterprises to carry out business in China.

At the same time, JointForce will also provide technical management consulting services for Liangjiang New Area. This will enhance the project management capacity, the efficiency of the use of financial funds, and the quality of project delivery in Liangjiang New Area, and create a good business environment.

“Chongqing's traditional industry has a deep foundation. The main purpose of our landing in Chongqing is to promote the development of the local software industry, especially to promote the digital transformation of traditional industries.” Chen Yuhong, Chairman and CEO of ChinaSoft International Co., Ltd. said.

Wang Zhijie, executive deputy director of the Management Committee of Liangjiang New Area, said that Chongqing is concentrating its efforts on building an “Intelligent manufacturing town” and a “celebrated smart city”. The contracted project will make up for Chongqing's shortcomings in software services. After the headquarters of the international version of "JointForce" landed in Liangjiang New Area, it will radiate the countries along the "Belt and Road" and improve software service capabilities and train software service talents in Chongqing for specific areas such as Automotive, Electronics, High-end Equipment, Biomedicine, and Smart Cities.

In order to further help Chongqing to create a good atmosphere for the integration and development of the digital economy and the substantial economy, ChinaSoft International will also jointly organize activities such as the "Digital Belt and Road Summit" and strengthen resource cooperation among all parties with the Chongqing Municipal Government in the future. It will  promote the development of a new generation of information technology represented by big data and artificial intelligence in Chongqing.