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  JointForce helps Ceris exploring the national Internet education market


As a professional English education and technology company, specializing in English listening and speaking, Ceris focuses on English speaking, Chinese language teaching, and language and skills training. Through the combination of online and offline, they orients towards both students and the world's five-star hotel staff. As the company's business continues to expand, its business development speed more and more limited by the IT system constraints. Through cooperation with the JointForce to make full use of social resources, Ceris has solved internal technical pressure. With its advanced business philosophy and clear business positioning, in just a few years of rapid growth, already has hundreds of thousands of loyal users…


With the rapid growth of Internet education market in China and the continuous increase of support policies, Internet giants have focused on the field of Internet education in recent years, setting a new round of upsurge in the development of domestic Internet education. As a specialized in English listening and speaking training professional English education technology company, Beijing Ceris Technology Co., Ltd. with its advanced business philosophy and clear business positioning in this new wave of the tide above, in just a few During the year the rapid growth, already has hundreds&thousands of loyal users.


However, as the company's business continued to expand, its development speed more and more subjected to IT system constraints, for the company's internal technical pressure load was too large. But, to find the right person in the shortest time was very hard. Meanwhile, they did not understand well of many new technology, so, one time,the company fell into a embarrassing situation where rapid expansion and significant bottleneck coexist. In this case, a friend to the Ceris CTO Mr. Mou recommended ‘JointForce’ for it makes full use of social resources and has strong advantages in accurately matching the contractor according to years of industry experience. Mr. Mou showed a strong interest.


Subsequently, after some meticulous understanding, Mr. Mou discovered with the previous exposure to the platform is different, in addition to the contractor both sides of the professional matching services. Moreover, JointForce also provides business analysis, system design, professional consulting and a series of pre-service, and the platform for the package to conduct a rigorous screening, to provide the case of the past project, with similar experience of the current package for the current the development of the domestic market can also give more targeted help. That’s why  Mr. Mou determined to send the contract, quickly contacted to the operational staff of JointForce. When get contacted with Mr. Mou at the first time, JointForce staff  carried out a more clear and quantifiable request according to the business development, which to avoid screening of the recipient when the resources are not allowed to match and to reduce the cost of communication. After the contract, a number of applicants within a short period of time, as well as the JointForce in accordance with the experience of the case under the package to match the precision of the unique, so that the project counterparts Ceris's staff really intuitive feel the meaning of professional IT services. What is more, they also learned that the original tricky low cost to find the right person to be miraculously resolved behind the pay. And then the implementation of the transparency of the project to facilitate the management and delivery of quality control are also once again to Thrace's project docking staff realized that cooperation with the JointForce is a surprise choice.


Today, with the help of JointForce, Ceris has achieved a number of development tasks in parallel, greatly improving the efficiency of development, while also saving labor costs, so that the company's more energy into its English training core business. And the rapid rise of Ceris, but also to many domestic Internet education enterprises profound inspiration: how to effectively use the social resources to solve the shortage of resources or scarce resources difficult to find the problem, how to quickly adjust the direction of low-cost transformation or save entrepreneurial labor costs, How to set the wisdom of the people for their own development to provide fresh cases and similar experiences, should be the transformation of traditional education companies and Internet education entrepreneurs need to think deeply.