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   The secret of post 90’s success


The Benchu Tech is a professional engaged in website construction and other related services company. Involving software, hardware, data three modules, products, technology, operations integration services team. Able to provide more professional Internet solutions. In order to ensure the quality of the project, they pay special attention to the project management, cooperation with JointForce, with the use of JointForce online development and management tools, they have way of more efficient and high quality of the completion of the project. At present, the company in a short period of time, with high quality services has accumulated a large number of customers, all over to Shandong, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Singapore and other domestic and foreign, involving media, medical, jewelry and other fields.


When the traditional IT and post 90’s fresh man collision will burst out what kind of spark? The first time contact with Shaanxi Benchu Technology Co., Ltd. (Benchu Tech) General Manager Zuo Huadong, who looks like a big boy, extraordinary conversation and unique thinking mode, revealing a mature entrepreneur calm, people secretly admire.


Shaanxi Benchu network Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in website construction and other related services team, involving software, hardware, data three modules, products, technology, operation integration services, to provide professional Internet solutions. This seemingly ordinary IT start-up company become extraordinary, because a group of post 90’s the "professional" word of the persistent.


Usually in order to solve the current industry mismatch of resources, traditional IT companies in the selection of crowdsourcing services, the high cost of employment and other common problems in the industry, so the cost and resources become the primary consideration when make the choice. And the first cooperation of Benchu Tech and "JointForce" is for project management aspects of like-minded.


The initial contract, due to the original experience in other platforms, the Benchu Tech has shown some worry on quality of the package and the delivery of the quality of the project. To this end, the "JointForce" operators first detailed the Benchu Tech business needs, and make full use of industry experience on its needs for a more complete combing analysis, coupled with years of technical skills on the platform recommended and registration of the recipient depth depiction. After some coaxial rotation of the system work, in a day to help Benchu Tech project from the eight recipients to find the optimal matching party.


One day, eight applicants, 13 hours match to the docking staff, the platform of the fast and accurate so that Benchu Tech responsible staff was deeply surprised, and then the implementation of the project management process is another surprise. With Benchu Tech docking of the "JointForce" operators with years of project management experience to effectively assist the implementation of the project supervision, at the same time, in the project development, the platform provided by the development of collaboration allow users to achieve with the recipient of the tacit understanding Collaboration: the staff of the staff log at any time to upload, keep the file at any time to keep the code at any time automatically detect and give a detailed test report ... ... All the processes have to be standardized and at any time according to the problem in time to adjust the direction of this strict monitoring of the closed loop Model so that Benchu Tech responsible staff deeply felt "JointForce" IT professional package of professionalism, eliminating the quality of delivery for the concerns, which has become reason that Benchu Tech transform from other platforms to loyal users of the JointForce.


And professional people do professional things, for this point, Benchu Tech left manager has its own views: in a crowdsourcing platform, the package team and the demand side of the interests of the point is not the same, so the premise of this sentence Should be connected to the team credible, and the emergence of the platform, to a certain extent, the two sides will be changed to trust the trust of the platform. This coincides with the Chinasoft International "JointForce" only "reliable" does not break the idea coincide.


The concept of crowdsourcing in the domestic popular for a long time, and the real package model and the overall depth of integration or very few, most still stay online to the online form of change, the lack of appropriate management mechanisms and means. Now, the role of crowdsourcing platform if only a simple way to find someone, it lost the original meaning, not only cannot meet the development of IT companies increasingly fragmented development needs, but also cannot break through the industry's existing custom development bottlenecks. In this regard, the "JointForce" has launched friends, inquiry treasure, the development of collaborative cloud and other special services to help enterprises build their own trusted circle of contacts. To break the market price fuzzy barrier, and the project communication collaboration clues into the deep embedded to the implementation process, it is relying on the soft international years of IT service practice experience, to be able to grind the JointForce of today's online and offline seamless docking mode of operation, but also to be able to do the Benchu Tech whole process of the project escort, For the cooperation of both sides laid a solid foundation for trust.


Entrepreneurship only one year, now the Benchu Tech customer not only related to the media, medical, jewelry and other industries, but also extends to Shandong, Shenzhen, Sichuan, Singapore and other domestic and foreign. This is inseparable from their dedication to the professional word, not only with their industry thinking and vision is closely linked to the "JointForce" platform for each successful cooperation, but also for their industry to establish a good reputation. At the same time, as the Chinasoft International "JointForce" platform for continuous contracting users, the Benchu Tech has a lot of suggestions and also placed deep expectations, hoping to further cooperation for the development of the IT industry contribute a force.