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  AllCure Precision Clouds Radiotherapy for Tumor Patients


2016 is the turning point in the development of the Internet medical industry, only the first half of the country introduced a number of policies or notices, involving online inquiry, online sales of drugs, large data management and other industry direction. After experiencing the capital winter, the industry presents a trend of practical work, more people of insight to reinforce the confidence and will in the development of the industry, can be said for the future of the Internet medical industry, high-speed stable development of the foundation.


Beijing AllCure Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the world's leading precision cloud radiotherapy TM technology. Through interconnection, large data, cloud computing and other technical means, they want to research and develop the precision cloud control, the precision cloud plan and a series of network information system for cancer patients, to provide the most perfect treatment plan and the most secure treatment to improve the survival rate of cancer patients in China, to promote the cause of cancer diagnosis and treatment of standardized cooperation and management to provide strong support.


AllCure began the operation in 2014, during which experienced organizational restructuring and rapid development of the industry brought about by the challenges, so that the AllCure deeply aware that only a rapid transition in order to "Internet+medical" occupy a place in the field. After much discussion within the company, the company management decided to build a database of cloud radiology based on the large information system for cancer patients to provide the most complete treatment program. However, because the project has just started, the company in terms of technical support, especially in software development, lack of talent, which made completing their own projects more difficult.


ChinaSoft International Co. Ltd. is a large-scale software service company, has a wealth of experience in project management, relying on the soft international JointForce, which is certainly in the software development and management of the software development and management of the software, aspects of the more professional. After the release of the project requirements, JointForce called the consultation, with its detailed communication project needs. Since then, the JointForce is standing on the position of the AllCure care, take the initiative to screen for the most suitable technology company, and lead the contractor to communicate with each other to ensure that the project needs and technical cooperation of the best match. A short period of time to find a suitable AllCure care package, signed a contract. During the delivery of the project, the JointForce throughout the project to monitor the entire process of submission process to help customers manage the progress and quality of the project, so that the original difficult project even half a month ahead of time, the AllCure treatment of the results Very satisfied.


The system is successfully completed online, so that the AllCure care to seize the opportunities brought about by the development of the Internet, the current AllCure treatment has been with our well-known cancer hospital, hundreds of primary hospitals signed a strategic cooperation agreement, in order to improve the level of cancer treatment and patient survival Unremitting struggle at the same time, it is to promote the traditional medical enterprise information transformation, for many cancer patients bring the gospel.


JointForce can stand on the customer's position to find the most matching project pick-up team, then the package of high technical quality, more help to enterprises and platforms, and for the changes in demand during the cooperation can also be proactive accordingly. The most worth mentioning is that the process of cooperation on the JointForce quality of customer service quality and third-party custody of the financial protection, so that we feel more intimate, "said the head of the AllCure project manager Lu Jun said.


At this stage, the Internet is using universal reciprocity  way to quietly change the medical. The impact of new technologies, are varying degrees of the impact of traditional medical processes of the various links. AllCure operating system is a strong support for the medical industry information, and JointForce will bring together the best technical resources and rich practical examples to help the rapid development of the Internet medical industry.