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The New Choice for Old IT Enterprises


  "In a shared economy model, a dedicated, professional IT package platform that makes it easier for people to find professional people in a professional field than to do anything, but what are the problematic business models that are more reassuring "For the" JointForce to achieve long - term cooperation reasons, Founder Electronics' relevant person in charge is very strong point out this point.

Founder Electronics as the Chinese printing and media industry-leading technology, service providers and industry consulting experts, business scope covers the printing, media, publishing, public opinion, font, digital education and other fields, the rapid development of the Internet + traditional IT companies Severe challenge, by virtue of the keen on the market control, once again to the leader of the attitude of walking in the Internet at the forefront of transition, and to open the concept and mentality and the JointForce launched a series of cooperation.

And the JointForce of the beginning of the problem is to value the background of the soft in the international, and really have a trust, Founder Electronics is out of the JointForce on the extensive understanding of the package model and IT services professional.

At the beginning of cooperation, Founder Electronics project docking staff frankly, in the Internet + economic era, the face of new technology impact, through their own strength to train technical team to compete with the market, not only high cost, and the time period is too long, Based on the general dilemma faced by such industries, they are particularly concerned about the platform's ability to "improve efficiency, cost control, and manage transparency". So in the JointForce service staff advice and help, Founder Electronics conducted a outsourcing to the piece of outsourcing preliminary attempt.


After this experience, Founder Electronics project docking staff found that the JointForce pool of massive resources, not only to solve their problems in the emergency period of the project, and the platform to rely on professional and technical support of the case of docking party case Experience has also been rigorously screened so that when they are looking for a contractor, they can find technical staff who have had similar cases according to their business needs and achieve a seamless entry of their projects, greatly improving the efficiency of development. Leaving the Founder of the electronic impression is that in the early stage of the project, JointForce service personnel made a special trip to help them to carry out the project needs to sort out, so that it experienced a truly professional unpacking services, the original complex project was broken down Into a more easy to solve the various modules, the Internet model of the "fast" word to the extreme.


For the JointForce beyond the expected performance, Founder Electronics not only feel relieved for the company's continued development of technological innovation and new business model to try to try to add more confidence. Turning to the future cooperation with the JointForce, Founder Electronics said, JointForce proposed "reuse the way people reuse code" concept is very consistent with their future technical resources planning, in this way can solve At present, the needs of customized software development, but also to take advantage of the technical experience of these senior technical personnel to help them complete the product grinding, speed up the pace of software development, and gradually form their own technology ecosystem, and this point, it is worth to IT Industry to continue to spread a concept. So that more enterprises to enjoy the professional IT package services, JointForce has a long way to go.


With the deepening of economic globalization, the popularity of information technology, the global information industry structure adjustment, China's high-tech industry is facing a good opportunity for development. Founder Electronics as an important force in China's high-tech industry, for the transformation of traditional IT companies, for the Internet + era of adjustment and opportunities for the rise of crowdsourcing model and so have a forward-looking research and in-depth insight. JointForce, as China leading IT public package service platform, will continue to work hard in the upper and lower, will be years of experience in the transformation of the transformation of IT business transformation and effective support for the development of China's high-tech industry to create brilliant!