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How to start a business without JointForce


With the rapid development of the Internet, online tourism social networking platform as a social network segmentation came into being. But social tourism is actually a biased from the consumer point of view the formation of the final demand source, which is currently the mainstream OTA online tourism is essentially different. Mobile Internet gradually developed and mature for the development of online tourism social development has injected new vitality, tourism socialization can be said that the next stop of online travel

Shanghai Naren Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a start-up company, insight into the vast prospects of tourism social, decided to enter the tourism industry, the development of a tourism social APP, to expand the company's business. However, the Naren is, after all, entrepreneurial companies, resources and cost is limited, cannot rely on their own efforts to complete APP R & D projects.

After the introduction of a friend, the person in charge of the project Naren to understand the soft international "JointForce" platform, said that the software is the Chinasoft International’s platform, with good technical resources and combat experience, the key is all aspects of resources are relatively flexible, more suitable for entrepreneurial companies. In this way, with the feeling of apprehension Naren Network APP will be published in the "JointForce" demand platform, hoping to help people through the crowdsourcing model to break through technical bottlenecks.

Unexpectedly, the next morning, Naren Network received from the "JointForce" service personnel to communicate with the detailed functional requirements of APP and technical staff requirements. Taking into account the limited funds of the start-up companies, "JointForce" suggested Naren Network signed a personal network R & D team, easy to control the number and quality of resources and personnel. After the "JointForce" service personnel to communicate with Naren Network many times, the depth of mining user needs, the final selection of the most matching partner. Soon after, the Naren Network version of the online travel APP online on-line, and all aspects of the project beyond the original expectations. Therefore, the Naren Network do not hesitate to the project two of the Android version of the R & D demand package directly to the "JointForce" platform.

Today, the Naren Network iOS and Android version of the tourism social APP are on the line, and by the user's praise, but also for the company has brought unexpected surprises. And was responsible for APP R & D programmer, has become the network of long-term partner. "And the cooperation with 'JointForce' many times, although the contractor is a programmer, but the quality of the project delivery is still high; I think that in order to protect the quality of delivery of the project, we must first have confidence in the technical staff, cooperation only mutual trust, In order to better complete the project cooperation, "Naren Network project leader Gong Ping said.

The Naren Network’s tourism social blog is undoubtedly to help "JointForce" to open up the online travel industry IT services market, by virtue of the strong international technical resources to support and rich combat cases, "JointForce" will also be adhering to the new IT, Heart "service and new choice of ideas for customers escort.